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10 Habits that are destroying your healthy hairs

10 Habits that are destroying your healthy hairs

Hair , they’re just like the president of your looks . If you loose your hair you’ll surely downgrade your looks and attractiveness. Only few people are confident while being bald .

I know all of you’re keen on your hairs that’s why you came here . you’ll aware or not but you are doing some major and minor mistakes that are ruining your hair health.

In this blog i will be able to tell you those mistakes you’re doing that are ruining your hair health and that i also give solution for these mistakes . These mistakes are the foremost common ones that are ruining your hair health and most of the people aren’t aware with these mistakes .

• 10 Habits that are destroying your healthy hairs :-

1. Over exposure to sun light : Ya i know most of you’re thinking that sun light is sweet for our health and it gives vitamin D.

but Sun light will only assist you if it’s morning or evening but in afternoon it’ll damage your hair health and scalp health also because sun light have a high amount of UV rays and in afternoon it’s intensity is high than evening or morning .

2. Wrong shampoo : employing a wrong shampoo is your biggest mistake . Mostly guys just apply the any shampoo which is present in their bathroom and that’s not right .

You must use organic shampoo which are made up of fruits or vegies. they’re harmless and full or ingredients that enhance your hair health .

10 Habits that are destroying your healthy hairs

Cheap Shampoo : Cheap shampoo have sulphate and silicon in it which are inorganic and highly harmful to your hair health .

Due to sulphate and silicon your hair pores gets blocked and damage your hair health .

Your hair should be Soft , shiny and healthy too

3. Workout: Exercise / cardio / aerobics / swimming etc. This factor is extremely important but most of you never considered it. once you warm up and starts sweating.

You scalp releases more sweat then other parts of body and when this sweat gets vaporized . The salt in your sweat gets crystallized on your scalp and block your pores and sometimes creates dandruff .

The solution of this issue is as simple as pie . Just wash your hair with a light shampoo after your workout . So , it’ll wash the salt which is roofed on your scalp .

10 Habits that are destroying your healthy hairs

4. Over use of cheap hair products : Is it cheap or expensive over use will surely damage your hair but the intensity of pricy hair product to wreck your hair health is pretty less then cheap product .

Over use of hair product makes your hair brittle and break them .

Ya , if you’re getting to a celebration or an big event wear your male grooming should be good then you’ll use hair products but don’t exceed the utilization of those products quite 1-2 times during a week .

When the aim of the merchandise like when the event is over then you ought to wash them .

Apply oil and wash your hair but wash them with a shampoo . to stop your hair health .

10 Habits that are destroying your healthy hairs

5. Pollution : this recommendation is for my those brothers who sleep in bug cities. you’ve got to face high pollution level .

Air pollution includes Dust , smoke , poisons etc. They grind to a halt on your hair and causes dandruff and hairloss

Whenever you came from outside just wash your hair with mild shampoo . But confirm you don’t wash a day . Wear a cap to guard your hair from pollution and stop your hair health .

If you ride bike more often you’ll wear a slim skull cap to stop your hair to not stick on the helmet and starts breaking.

10 Habits that are destroying your healthy hairs

6. Don’t wash your hair everyday : Your hair have some natural oils and water vapors which lubricate the shoot of your hair ( the hair body).

If you wash your hair everyday then the natural oils get washed away and therefore the hair health gets damaged .

You should only wash your hair 3 times every week . 1 time with anti dandruff shampoo and a couple of times with mild shampoo .

7. Blow drying: most people use blow drying without even knowing that these hand blower are damaging their hair health. These blow drying make your dry and fewer nourished .

You can use hand blower once during a month if you’re serious about your hair health.

8. Hair alterations : Biggest mistake ever you’ll do together with your hair health. Hair alterations includes Stratening and hair colouring.

When you use hair alterations , it’ll damage your cuticle. Cuticle is that the outer body of hair . Once it gets damaged you’ll never restore it like old one .

Love your natural hair colour . Love your natural hair texture . Please don’t do these alterations mistake only to reinforce your looks because it’ll cause great damage on future basis .

Give priority to hair health over hair looks. Having hair left on your head for while is far better then having stylish hair for brief period then become bald .

9. Diet and lifestyle factor : Your diet and the way you reside hit your hair health very hard . If you’re a smoker then you’ll loose hair . If you eat un healthy food you’ll lose hair .

Diet permanently hair health :-
Water: keep your self hydrated all the time it’ll make your skin and hair more healthy.
Fruits and veggies: Eating fruits and vegetables play an important role in your hair health.
Protien: Protein is such a magic ingredient. Your every meal must contain some amount of protein in it .
These three diets will surely increase your hair health .

10 . Stress and anxiety: Last point but the most important problems for baldness . People take tensions for several thinks either its their relationship issues or finances.

Stress causes high amount of hair loss and also decreases the standard of remaining hair .

The best thanks to affect stress and anxiety is meditation. If you would like to understand more about mediation comment below i will be able to make blog for that also .


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