Best Exercises For Abs

Best Exercises for Abs

1) Cable Crunch:

Get down on your keens & grab the rope attachment & lower the rope until your palms are placed next to your face.

Flex your hips slightly allowing the weight to hyperextend the lower back. With the hips stationary, flex the midsection as you contract your abs so that the elbows travel towards the middle of your thighs.

Exhale as you perform this movement & hold the contraction for a second. Slowly return to the starting position as you inhale.

2) Captain’s Chair Lower appendage Raise:

Stand in the captain’s chair frame with arms resting on the chair arms & your back pressed against the backrest.

Hold the palmles in the right angle. Now bring your knees & lower appendages together. Make sure you breathe in ready for the captain’s chair lower appendage raise now Bend the knees & lift with knees up & slowly lower them down & repeat.

3) Plank:

Rest on your forearms & keep your lower appendage straight & slightly apart from each other.

Your elbow should be in a straight line without your upper arms to avoid overloading on upper arm joints.

Mentally focus on contracting the muscles of your torso & hold this position as much as you can.

4) Heel Touch:

Starting position – lie on your back with your knee bend but keep your head & upper arms off the floor.

Lift your chest slightly until you touch your heel with your palm then return to the startinf postion.

5) Cross Crunch:

Starting position – lie on your back with your knee bend. Make your abs tight, curl up & push forward then from this position, reach toward your right knee with your left palm.

Now bring it down toward your hip as you reach toward your left knee with your right palm.

Cross crunch is like normal crushes but with a slight twist.

6) Hanging corner raises:

This one is tough bruh but totally worst it go as much as you can. Hold the bar nice & tight now lift your lower appendages until your hips & knees are bent at 90 degrees angle.

Raise your right hip toward your right armpit & give it a little pause, & then return to the starting position.

7) Swiss Ball Lower appendage Rollout:

Beginners may find this exercise a bit difficult but this is one of the best ab exercises which target your lower abs.

Avoid this exercise if the pain occurs. Place your palms & forearms against the ball, now lower your chest toward the ball moving your hips in line between your knees & upper arms.

Set your back in neutral position now inhale & contract your abs & extend your elbows forward. Exhale & pull your elbows back & reach to the starting position.

8) Hanging Lower appendage Raise Or Knee Raise:

Hold the bar with nice tight grip. Bright your lower appendages together & keep your core tight & now try to lift your lower appendages as described as in the picture below.

Basically, your lower appendages would make a 90 degree angle to your body.

9) Decline Russian Twist With Medicine Ball:

Get on a decline bench & hold the weight or medicine ball with both palms & keep your upper arms off to the bench in a sit up position & rotate your torso & weight one side & reverse the motion & return to the starting position.

10) Ab Wheel Roll Out:

This exercise holds the 10th potion in our best ab exercises, but it’s still one of the best exercises which strengthen your core & helps you achieve those abs of steel.

All you need is a roller. Now sit down on your knees & hold the roller in your palm & just extend your palms & come back in the same position.